Friday, 27 April 2018

Remi Gambit Lebeau

Remi is someone new within the industry, very new and i believe I was his first shoot so that is always a good thing at times, and i look forward to seeing what he might do next, if he ever does things. He is French and well you can sometimes catch him if you can quite literally as he can sometimes be off SL for a while and you need to grab him im thinking hehe, quite literally.

Thank you Remi, for coming over and being part of my introductory set at the same time of yourself.

Thursday, 26 April 2018

Argosi Domenici

Otherwise known as Argo, i regularly have seen him in group chat, and i find him uplifting constantly and can bring a smile to my face, he is a photographer in his own right which he does fabulous work, he also likes to give shout outs from time to time to anyone who wants to be involved talks regarding Anypose and i think on how to use.

I love Argo's look, he has a cheeky smile and he told me how he based his look on a type of person, ill let you all ask him, if he has never mentioned anything before...i look forward to talking to him more, and he is another guy who i would have in front of my camera lens many a time

Thank you Argo :)

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Drake Kaine Galicia

Drake can be found going to parties, and just being a helpful guy to everyone at times, does photography also and in the past he produced movies. Can be found even supporting friends/family when they are doing many things around the grid

Monday, 23 April 2018

Around the Grid

There is many ongoing shopping events going around, and these are just a handful.

So if your mad for shopping, and enjoy buying from your favourite places then go check them out

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Tori Grace

Tori is a beautiful soul, and is a photographer in her own right, and it was lovely to get her in front of my cam. She has a lovely sense of humour and enjoys modelling 

Thank you Tori

Friday, 20 April 2018

Dear Dag

Finally managed to get my blog to behave and finally wanted to let me put in my photos, so  yay i had already done a set of Dag, but i enjoy having him in front of my camera and well will be seeing plenty more of him im sure,  and so i had him come in his suit since i have been doing suited men 

Core Nilder

I met Core back in February i think it was well i say meet,cause i couldn't see him as i had been on my Lumiya at the time and so coudnt see much, but i had been listening to conversations around me, then decided to send him an IM, in which i showed my interest in wanting to do a photo shoot of him sometime, and he returned back and said yes.

So after 2 months of continually speaking in Im, and everytime i could have been shooting him, i would either be on my Tablet, or travelling about doing other things in my rl, so no i hadnt forgot my shoot with him, it was finding the time of being inworld properly and me not being so lazy hehe.

So finally i got the chance today and well, may i say it was a pleasure to have met him properly...Who is Core. well he is the CEO of SL Unplugged Magazine and also Photographer of Sunset Dreamz, an avid lover of surfing, and can be found on many a beach...He is so very laid back, has a fantastic sense of humour and easy to chat with...He works with Tink Wardell on the Magazine and they do wonders with everything that they do.

Thank you so much for finally getting in front of my camera which has come to love you and your fine looks...and as i said to him, i could photo him all day hehe


Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Jeremy Calleary(Jeremynl)

Jeremy i first met when i was based at the club(Midnightsun) and we introduced one another, I have to say one thing about him and that is a gentleman through and through, a quiet man, but a thinker for sure..He is a photographer himself, and i am sure once he gets out there, he will do awesome, as ive seen what he does.  He is currently building a new studio even has his photo box up for sale on MP, yes i took a look and it looks quite interesting. 

It was a delight to meet you

Monday, 9 April 2018

Kara Hawk

Lovely lady introducing to my blog, as have never met before would be Kara Hawk, ive seen her around the community and in photography done by herself and others.

Look forward to meeting her many more times,and thank you

Saturday, 7 April 2018

Tommy (Tommy26 Humphreys)

Ah Tommy,Tommy,Tommy, the most likeable Elf around the community that has me smile often, and where he will always be the one bringing in the coffee and cookies to everyone to keep up our energy...But no seriously, Tommy is very nice, has a great look and well i will look out often for anything he ever partakes in, he can be shy but in a way  he is taking in everything around him, and it was a delight to properly meet him, look forward to having him in more sets that i may do

Friday, 6 April 2018

Andro Quan

I've seen him around the community for a long while, so messaged and asked if i could shoot him sometime, which he agreed to and well it was nice to finally meet him and thank you for coming over 

Thank you Andro